This current series combines multiple completed puzzles and blends them together to create one giant piece of art.

     Before assembly of a 3D Puzzle Collage, I take the time to finish a handful of puzzles, each ranging from 250 - 1000 pieces. Over the matter of a few weeks, there are approximately four to six puzzles completed. Seeking out the most captivating parts of each puzzle and placing those sections together to create a theme with an interesting configuration. I mount everything to the canvas and begin incorporating loose puzzle pieces throughout the collage. Each loose piece is individually set into a specific location to blend each illustration into one another. 
     The assembly of the finished Artwork takes approximately 2 - 4 weeks; Of course, depending on the intricacy & size of the artwork, and as always, with my always running mind, small distractions along the way. (This time period does not include the time taken for the completion of each puzzle beforehand.)