The Gemini Yogi

Rhianna Marie is a certified Yoga Teacher with a 200 Yoga Teacher Certificate with My Vinyasa Studio. She began teaching Vinyasa Flow classes at local fitness centers and live streamed online. 

Rhianna practices and guides Self-Healing Workshops with crystals, essential oils, herbal magic, yoga, meditation, knowledge, and more to alter a change in your energy or create balance within ourselves. 

My main purpose as a Yoga Teacher is to provide a safe flow for anyone wanting to practice yoga and make it accessible to every-BODY! Rhianna focuses on proper body alignment to help safely guide Yogis in and out of asanas. And Create a comforting environment everyone is Welcomed in!

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What You Receive?

  • 1-on-1 Guided Yoga Class

  • Basic Body Assessment

  • Deep Stretch & Conditioning

  • Personal Sequence Focused on the Individuals Needs

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